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We in our small way want to contribute towards the society we live in, a society which has given us so much, we are very interested in a concept where through our charitable foundation in the name of ‘Healthy,Wealthy & Wise Foundation – healthywealthywisefoundation.org, we can give back to the society we live in by focusing on the under-privileged and deprived.

With this social initiative, we intend to be facilitators who help see to it that an aid or relief of any kind finally reaches the end person or cause the aid was originally intended for : Our challenge also lies in facilitating various initiatives and training millions of volunteers, who can arrest or minimise all threats to our planet's ecology, flora & fauna.

With the help of the Foundation, we also dream to educate at no cost millions of people in the areas of financial well being, importance of savings, long-term financial planning and the importance of securing the financial needs of one's family. We intend working extensively through the internet & field work with a special focus on children, the illiterates, destitutes, eunuchs, the differently able, the critically ill and areas concerning the ecological challenges facing us and the coming generations.